Girl discovers Tinder, attacks boyfriend with samurai sword

Emily Javier, 31, waited until partner Alex Lovell, 30, was in bed and the lights were out before she reached for the weapon and launched the frenzied attack in Washington, USA. A woman tried to kill her boyfriend in his sleep by repeatedly slashing him with samurai sword after she discovered Tinder on his phone, a court heard. Emily Javier, 31, told police she had been plotting the frenzied attack for a week after becoming suspicious partner Alex Lovell, 30, was cheating on her. She claimed to not only have found the dating app on his phone, but also strands of red hair in their shower drain. The final straw, she said, was when Mr Lovell, whom she had been dating for two years, came home one evening and ignored her. That was my purpose,” Javier told officers, according to an affidavit.

Samurai Sword

Alex Lovell left recovers in a hospital after being attacked with a samurai sword in March His girlfriend Emily Javier right plead guilty last week to attempted murder charges. A Camas woman pleaded guilty to trying to kill her live-in boyfriend with a samurai sword after she claimed to find a Tinder dating app on his phone.

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Ironically most details of Japanese military swords of the era have been greatly misunderstood. Until the arrival of Admiral Perry and the U. In a few short years the country underwent a vast societal change that led to the Meiji Restoration of the Emperor to the throne in and the modernization of the Japanese nation. The ruling Tokugawa-clan shoguns were overthrown by and centuries-old feudal customs were abolished.

Soon foreign military and industrial advisors arrived to help Japan take a place in the modern world. Even prior to this final sunset for the samurai, the Japanese were beginning to use equipment including swords that was of a Western influence. Beginning in French instructors were imported to aid in the creation of the modern Japanese army, and the influence was retained for decades in the appearance of the French-styled full-dress uniforms.

After the defeat of the French army in the Franco-Prussian War , German instructors were brought in until they were in turn, recalled in The results of the European advisors were fully demonstrated on the world stage during the Russo-Japanese war. The standard officer and NCO swords of this period were therefore virtually indistinguishable from their European counterparts, and were mostly French or American inspired.

The first apparent downside to these blades, many of which were mass-produced, was that they were overly flexible and weak. Thus around the swords underwent a major revision and traditional manufacturing methods were reintroduced. As a result many of the Japanese military swords of the late s and early s are a mix of mass-produced and traditional manufactured blades with even some ancestral blades being adopted for the newer styled swords.

7 Oldest Samurai Swords ever Built

A newly translated samurai text called “Twelve Rules of the Sword” reveals the secrets of a sword-fighting school that mastered a technique that seemed to give supernatural powers. Researchers aren’t sure when he died, but historical records suggest he may have lived to be over age The descendants of his students later recorded them in writing. The text describes rules for beating an opponent as well as two magical prayers to enhance a samurai’s spirit and mind, according to Eric Shahan, who recently translated the text.

Shahan is a Japanese translator who specializes in translating Japanese martial-arts texts.

Court documents said the two had been dating for about two years, and although Lovell said they did break up once, they eventually got back.

Mixed or average reviews – based on 22 Critic Reviews What’s this? Mixed or average reviews – based on 35 Ratings. See all 22 Critic Reviews. Publisher: Nintendo Release Date: Feb 2, User Score. Your Score. Rate this:. Log in to finish rating Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword. Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword. Share this? Skill meets style in this precision sword-fighting game. Leave button mashing behind. Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword is about precision swordplay, battlefield finesse, and martial-arts style.

7″L Samurai Sword Scissors with stand and case. Red

As sword makers we are often asked about the differences between European and Japanese swords. These questions run the gamut from the unabashedly technical, “does the presence of cementite needles in Viking swords imply large scale trade with East Asia? The main question most folks are getting at, however, is “how and why are these types of swords different? This question is fraught because pretty much every culture that has a history of using or producing swords has a cultural mythology built around them.

Kishi High Carbon Steel Katana Samurai Sword. love these ideas. An officer’s katana dating: second quarter of the Century provenance: Japan Blade (length.

Officials say a Hauppauge man accused of killing his stepfather with a Samurai sword could get a new trial date today. Your Videos – Send Us! Zachary Gibian is set to return to court in Riverhead later this morning. Gibian was convicted of nearly beheading Scott Nager in The Court of Appeals ruled last year that legal errors were made during Gibian’s trial.

A judge could announce a date for Gibian’s re-trial today. Suspect in Samurai sword killing back in court NY court orders new samurai sword killing trial Man convicted of samurai sword murder remanded without bail Conviction reversed in Hauppauge sword killing. Please enjoy 20 complimentary views of articles, photos, and videos during the next 30 days. Please login or create an account to continue enjoying News Our sign-up page is undergoing maintenance and is not currently available.

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The Samurai Sword – Katana

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But if a guy just mounts a single katana on his wall he is saying, “That’s say sword guys have in common is not caring whether the dates they.

It is most difficult to feel neutral about Japanese swords – those sculptured arcs of steel with the sharpest cutting blades of virtually any weapon. To some people, they are the most esthetically challenging of the decorative arts. To others, they are the most repugnant. Indeed, negative feelings about these Japanese swords are probably rooted in their bloody, 1,year history.

What Westerners do not seem to realize, however, is what scholars hasten to point out – the most precious swords were supposedly rarely used more than once. Throughout most of their existence, therefore, these swords have been admired more for their beauty than for how they performed in battle.

nihonto katana

The result is often bloodshed as curious fingers find out that the blades are razor sharp! The Japanese sword is a prime example of the unity of form and function. It can be exquisitely beautiful, but it can also be highly deadly since its primary function is to cut through the human body. Only members of the samurai class were allowed to wear two swords, katana and wakizashi.

Description: A wakizashi dating: Century provenance: Japan Suriage blade katana G. Katana Swords, Samurai Swords, Knives And Swords, Fantasy Sword.

Click on picture for a more detailed look and description. Nice long katana from the Bizen Sukesada school. Blade is long over 27″ inches with a hamon of textbook Bizen koshibiraki gunome midare. The nie deki hamon is done very well. Ashi and small kinsuji are seen along with fine mokume itame hada. In our opinion, this is a blade from the early Shinto period, and not the late Koto Sukesada. The boshi is in midare komi and healthy. Blade is in an old polish that is in nice condition.

The tang is ubu 1 hole unsigned. This blade was originally much longer, but was reshaped as a sunnobi tanto to be worn as a ko-wakizashi that had to be made for a lord of very high status. Unsigned — attribute to Enju Juyo Token 46th session. Around The founder of the school Enju Kunimura was the son of the famous Rai Kuniyuki who studied well under his father then moving to Higo Kikuchi to establish his own school.

Under the Hilt: Identifying Three Japanese Swords

It is not possible to talk about Samurai without talking about their swords. During the ages they radically changed in form and, at the end, even in meaning. Japan early history is highly affected by the influence of the continent and its more ancient cultures. The culture of the Yayoi period was surely strongly subject to the influence of Korea and thru this peninsula the most important innovations arrived in Japan.

Date inscriptions generally start with the name of the era, followed by the year of that era, and/or possibly the eto characters for that year. There.

Archeologists, researchers, and investigators will all tell you that the best way to learn more about something is to look just beneath the surface. These blades are almost exclusively signed on their tangs, the part of the blade fitted into the grip. Japanese swords fall into many separate classes depending on length, curvature, and other determining factors. In this post we are looking at the two sword types most commonly used by samurai: the larger katana and the wakizashi literally big and small , collectively referred to as the daisho.

As longer blades, katanas are more useful in combat and dueling, but when entering a house, they would be left on a rack provided for just that purpose. Generally, as a gesture of good will the katana would be stored in a way that made it difficult for the samurai to draw it quickly. All three swords featured in this post share several commonalities, but the similarity that most informs the design of the first two blades is that they were used by Japanese officers during World War II.

Most World War II-era officer swords were mass-produced, machine-made blades; these, however, were simply retrofitted for use in a 20th Century war. As promised, this can best be detected by looking at the tang. This also happens to be the longest of the three blades, so it is worth explaining how katanas and wakizashi are distinguished. It comes down to shaku, an old Japanese unit of measurement that is roughly equivalent to 14 in.

Woman tried to kill boyfriend with samurai sword after finding Tinder on his phone

Log in to an existing account. Not all sword fighting is about anger, aggression, and hurting your opponent. Some, like this beginner kendo class, are different and even enlightening! This kendo class will teach you the importance of respecting your opponent and achieving a valid strike. Training will improve your strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, and concentration.

Repetition will be the vehicle for your training and improvement in a discipline that encourages self-awareness while being very enjoyable at the same time.

Jan 14, – Full-Handmade-Japanese-Katana-font-b-Sword-b-font-black- ROAD -Japan: I get art sword imitation sword Masamune Date, and a dirk.

With such a warlike title and development being handled by Nitro Plus , the same unit behind busty anime mascot Super Sonico , you might expect Touken Ranbu to be a testosterone-dripping smorgasbord of boobs and swordfights, but the truth is very different. The player steps into the role of the saniwa, an entity with the power to awaken the souls of inanimate objects and imbue them with fighting strength. Early reviews describe the game as easy to pick up and play, with a streamlined system for equipping characters with special items and simple combat system.

A few were even used for seppuku, the samurai act of ritual suicide, and carry the psychological burden of having been party to the act. As a result, gamers can expect plenty of scenes in which they try to help the Blade Boys work through their emotional baggage. But while many games would use this as a springboard to a romantic relationship, Touken Ranbu keeps such rumblings of the heart low-key, which should help it appeal to the widest possible female fanbase in Japan. Serving as world view director and main writer is Yuri Shibamura , who wrote the script for video game-tuned-anime Gunparade March.

Also contributing to the project is Norimitsu Kaiho , whose previous credits include a handful of Guilty Gear games and episodes of mecha anime TV series Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. Regardless of which facet of the game strikes your fancy, Token Ranbu can be downloaded here directly from DMM. RocketNews24 Japanese.

Samurai Sword Fight: Katana Showdown

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